Best Apartment Moving Tips

Moving out of an apartment requires a lot of physical and moral energy. You will need help moving the apartment. You really don’t want to force friends and family. Everyone has a job, a house, a personal life. Also, if you have a lot of furniture, two or three people will not cope with the entire volume of work. That’s when everyone, panic-stricken, began flipping through the newspapers, scanning the bulletin boards at the entrance for responsible drivers and near porters. 

We recommend not trusting the first ones to have so much responsibility since your whole life is in these things. Contact professionals in advance who will help you quickly and without unnecessary problems to move to another city. It is better if the transport company has the experience and a long history in the service market. The cost of the move must be announced to you immediately, without hiding additional charges and services.

people holding boxes

Many people are even afraid of this process because they fear breaking some furniture, appliances or even losing something.

However, it is at the time of change that we see those items that we no longer use. As well as those that were kept in the corner and for which we will have to give some destination other than our new home.

In this article, you will find very useful tips for moving apartments. Learn how to move to your new apartment and organize the entire process without a headache, in a very planned and simplified way. Check out!

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Plan the move in advance

If you weren’t taken by surprise by the news of the move, then you can breathe a sigh of relief and make everything flow in a much more organized and smooth way.

Time is the best ally of good planning of moving to an apartment, facilitating not only the process itself but also the containment of unnecessary expenses.

So plan ahead for your move. Calmly research the best carrier options, set goals, days, and deadlines for each stage of your move and, of course, always have a “Plan B” for possible unforeseen events.

Pack things in advance

A mistake that causes a lot of discomfort in those who are about to make a change is saving things at the last minute. That is, the truck arrives and the person still has parts out of place or realizes that there is a lack of packaging to store the items properly.

You don’t want to deal with that kind of problem, right? So avoid putting off organizing your belongings and start this process as soon as possible. A week in advance, you can arrange for boxes, tape, rope, and other support materials.

When packing, try to divide the items into categories and mark the box with labels containing names and other information. This identification will help when unloading and defining what will be destined for the kitchen, living room, bathroom, and bedrooms.

box on bed

But you must know that in the process of moving to an apartment, incidents with furniture on the way to the new apartment are not uncommon. However, this is an easy headache to avoid.

Nowadays, many transport companies undertake to do all the packing of the furniture, including insurance against damages. Despite the slightly higher value compared to traditional companies, it is worth investing in the idea if you want to give that extra security to your furniture.

Separate everything you want to donate or sell

Many people take advantage of the moment of change to get rid of old or no longer useful parts. In addition to eliminating unnecessary things from your home, this practice can yield extra money to defray expenses generated on the day.

For best results, encourage the entire family to contribute to this process. Ask everyone to separate furniture, appliances, shoes, and clothing that they no longer use. Then, just sell things in a bazaar or donate to some institution.

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Book belongings you use frequently

Until everything is transported to the new home, you and your family will need a few changes of clothes, as well as materials and appliances that are used frequently, such as notebooks, cell phones, chargers, books, and handouts.

If you don’t want to unpack boxes all the time looking for these things, the ideal is to separate a room or corner of the house to keep everything you need. This care avoids running around and ensures more comfort in the days before the move.

In the same place chosen to store the basics, you can leave all the potted plants and prevent the flowers from being damaged by the movement of people. The same goes for pet beds and food containers.

Protect fragile objects with suitable materials

Large belongings (furniture and appliances) hardly need boxes to be transported. Despite this, some models have delicate finishes that demand protection. In these cases, a good idea is to cover them with blankets and blankets, which can be fixed with ropes or tape. 

Small and fragile items, on the other hand, should be coated with layers of bond foil, newspaper, or bubble wrap before going to their proper boxes. Care goes into kitchen utensils, ceramic/porcelain crockery, and knickknacks, such as glass picture frames.

Also don’t forget to store nuts, nails, screws, and furniture fittings in bags that can be sealed. Thus, you will be sure that you will have the right pieces when assembling the furniture in your new home.

Bubble wrap and plate

Search for different moving services

Not all families bother to research and evaluate different carriers. It turns out that this is a great strategy to find a cost-effective service, that is, one that has the quality and still helps you save money.

In addition, it is possible to compare the service provided by each company to make sure that it has a responsible and committed team. To get started, look for references on the internet and ask friends and family for referrals.

The sooner you can find the right company and schedule the service, the less likely you are to experience delays or lack of schedules. So spend enough time evaluating options and read the entire contract before signing.

Build one room at a time

The anxiety to see all the environments assembled can be great but contain enthusiasm. First of all, take advantage of the presence of the carrier’s team to ask employees to position furniture and appliances in the right places.

Then you can analyze the space and plan the arrangement of the small elements in the apartment. If possible, place all boxes and packages in one room. That way, you’ll have free space to start composing the different areas, one at a time.

box with kitchen label

The day and time of change

The issue of planning is very important for the process of moving to an apartment, including the decision of when you will carry out the move itself. So, try to schedule yourself to know exactly how long it will take until you can organize all your belongings, as well as when your new AP will be ready to receive you and your family.

To make it even easier when moving, pay a short visit to the property and quickly imagine how each item will look. Having this macro view will help a lot when organizing all items.

Inspect before moving

You know that last peek before you definitively move to your new apartment? Well, this “fine comb” needs to be on your checklist to ensure that nothing is left behind in the process of moving to an apartment.

You need to ensure that your new apartment is ready to welcome you, your family, and your furniture.

So, a good tip is to evaluate from the electrical and hydraulic part of the new AP, and even small items, such as cabinet doors and drawers, checking if they open and close correctly.

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Check how the furniture will be transported in the building

A fact that often goes unnoticed and can be a big – and expensive – problem is the changing hours that each building stipulates.

Therefore, check with the condominium administration the days and times when transport for moving is allowed.

Also, check which accesses are available for carriers and the loading of furniture to your AP. Also consider whether it is possible to use the building’s elevator, for example.

Notify the trustee or person in charge of your moving

Moving to an apartment is a process that changes the routine of the building that day. Therefore, after confirming all the necessary information about your move, do not forget to notify the manager.

Thus, he can, for example, give you all the information about the best time to receive the furniture. As well as helping to organize themselves, in a way that causes the least possible inconvenience to the other residents.

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Update your address

If you are a person who usually receives a lot of mail or who has a monthly subscription to magazines, newspapers, or any other products, be sure to call each company to ask for a change of address.

This planning is crucial so that you don’t lose your products or have extra costs with reshipments.

Certificate of insurance

Make sure that your moving company has COI (certificate of insurance). It protects both you and the property you live in, which is why your apartment or condo’s property manager wants to see proof that your movers are properly insured. 

The removal company is responsible in case of loss or breakage of an object. Can be compensated in case of delay. Upon arrival, moving companies will routinely ask you to sign a waiver. The COI will confirm that the moving company is serious. 

Tidy one room at a time

Arriving at the new apartment, the task tends to be quite arduous, to put everything in order again, isn’t it?


If you follow our advice and label the moving boxes with your belongings, you can leave everything pre-arranged and organized for each room.

This way, the move will be much easier and you can organize room by room. Without that mess of dozens of open boxes and items that don’t belong in the right place.

By arranging each room at once, you can also take care of the decor separately, leaving each place with your face.

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Take it easy and ask for help

Finally, when moving into an apartment, take it one step at a time. Getting everything in order and giving your new apartment your face can take some time. But you will get there! Do everything in your time and, whenever you need it, ask for help.

A company at these times can yield great moments. Besides, let’s face it, a helping hand at the time of the move won’t be bad at all.

As we have seen moving to a new apartment aint easy process at all, but with 15 tips it will be much easier. Choosing a good moving company is the key to success.  It is advisable to take a moving company that packs your belongings before professionals are more experienced than you. Then take a tour of the apartment. It’s like going through a home security checklist; Walk through the apartment with the landlord or agent and see if any issues need to be fixed before you move in.

throwing boxes

This is one of the most important steps in the moving process. An apartment tour can ensure you avoid any damage charges (that you didn’t cause) when you move in. If they don’t offer you a tour, be sure to ask for one.

Also, make sure that your moving company has COI

Professionals are experienced in carrying objects and furniture. Remember that you will need to use elevators and stairs, go through the concierge and accommodate everything in the apartment. In addition, they have specific equipment to remove items and put them in place.

With these tips for organizing an apartment move, you will be able to go through this step with much more peace of mind. Remember to always count on professionals and already research service options in advance so you don’t have problems and delays at that time.