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We will coordinate with your building

If your building requires you to cover the elevator or to provide the certificate of insurance, we’ve got it handled - completely free of charge of course. Just let us know in time so we can be prepared for the move. If there are elevators that need to be reserved, we will try to be flexible as much as possible to meet the reservation with our arrival window.

Our rates are all inclusive, so there won’t be any charges if we have to use stairs or long carry. We won’t charge you anything to get to your location or to go back to our warehouse. Once our movers arrive, which is always on time, we will provide you with service of disassembling and assembling your items.

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Not only will we take care of your furniture, but we will make sure to plan and organize a move for you where you can get everything that you need. Our movers and packers are real professionals with years of experience when it comes to apartment moves and can help you with anything. Service of disassembly and reassembly with our tools, wrapping up your furniture with blankets and plastic wrap, usage of moving dollies – those are all precautions that we have in order to move your furniture safely. To save you some time on packing, we will bring wardrobe boxes for your hanging clothes. If you need us to protect the elevator during the move – just let us know and we will make sure to do so. No charges on top of your rate for handling heavy items, long carry or stairs in case you don’t have the elevator.

We won’t charge you anything to get to your location or to go back, time for your move starts once the actual job starts. No hidden fees for fuel, mileage or even a double drive time fee. When we say our rates are all inclusive, we mean so! In case your building management needs us to provide you with a Certificate of Insurance, we will do it free of charge. In case any special requirement needs to be filled out, just let us know and we will try to be as flexible as possible. Moving insurance is also included, so you can have your deserved peace of mind when you are moving locally.

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Book our furniture movers for the best date and time for you! Choose one of our arrival windows on your preferred date and have our apartment movers in Denver deliver a top notch local moving service that will exceed your expectations. We provide free quotes over the phone, by email or on our website.

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