Everytime you need help with relocating your belongings within the Denver area, we can help you out. Our professional movers have experience with dealing with any kind of local move – apartment move, residential move, office move, labor and storage jobs. Considering the time we are in the moving industry, there is nothing we can’t help you with. Since we are a locally owned and operated moving company, we are familiar with the area and most likely we know the area you are moving from and to.

If you are moving with your local movers, you will save yourself stressing with planning and organizing your move, because our sales representatives will do that for you. We are here to save you time and energy when it comes to moving. Your belongings will be disassembled and assembled back by our team of experts. Everything will be safely wrapped and padded so nothing gets damaged or scratched. We are using moving dollies for an extra dose of safety when it comes to moving heavy furniture.

Centennial Movers will provide you with wardrobe boxes for your hanging clothes. If you need help with packing, just let us know and we will organize it for you. All of this comes with an affordable hourly rate without any hidden or additional fees. Our rates include moving insurance as well, so you won’t have to worry about that either. Since we are professionals in our moving business, we don’t charge anything extra for handling stairs, long carry or heavy items.

Reach out to your Denver moving help and let us know everything about your move and we will be more than happy to help you with anything.

No matter if you are moving an entire commercial building or just a small office, we are here to help you. Our professional movers are here to help you out to organize your move in the most efficient way possible. We understand that time is crucial when it comes to your business move, so we are here to save you as much time as we can. When it comes to local moves, we are trying to be as flexible as possible so we can perform your local move so it doesn’t affect your business hours.

Our professional movers will arrive at your location at the agreed time. Our trucks are stacked with tools, blankets, plastic wrap and dollies. If you need packing assistance, we can help you out with that as well. Our professional movers will disassemble and assemble back everything that you need us in order to move everything safely. All of your valuable belongings will be protected with blankets and plastic wrap. Once we get to your new office space, we will place your furniture where it should be.

Here at Centennial Movers, we understand that budget is very important when it comes to your local move, that is why we are offering affordable and all inclusive rates for your commercial move. With us, you won’t have to face any hidden or additional fees. We won’t charge you for fuel, mileage, handling heavy items, stairs or long carry. That is because we care about you. We should just add that moving insurance is also included in the price that our sales will provide you with.

You will have your main point of contact since your first call until we finish your move.

As a company that operates over 10 years as Centennial moving company, we have experience to deal with any kind of residential move that you need. We have moved over hundreds of families throughout the time and we have an experienced and professional crew of workers that can help you safely move your belongings from one home to another. Our sales representatives will guide you through the moving and booking process that is pretty simple.

We will help you organize and plan your move ahead of time so everything goes smoothly. Our crew will arrive at your location in the agreed time and after a walkthrough we will start the actual job. You should know that we don’t charge anything to get to your location or to go back. Movers will disassemble furniture and wrap everything up with specialized moving blankets and plastic wrap. We will place your hanging clothes in wardrobe boxes that are free to use during your local move.

Moving dollies will be used for moving your heavy items and we don’t have any charges for handling them. If you are worried about stairs and long carries, don’t be – we don’t charge that either. Once everything is wrapped and padded, we will load it in our truck that is also included in the price and transport everything to your new home where everything will be assembled back and placed in the appropriate room. In case you need assistance with packing, we can help you with that, just let us know before your moving date.

Moving insurance is included in your price, so you are safe and protected from start until the end of the moving process with us. Your satisfaction is our goal, so once we are done with the job feel free to contact us and share your feedback. We value your opinion and we would like to hear any piece of advice that you might have for us.

When it comes to apartment moves, things are slightly different than moving from a home. You don’t have to fit your moving company to your needs only, your local movers need to meet requirements from your building management and landlord. Some buildings won’t let you move on weekdays, the others might not let you move on weekends. Lucky for you, we are here 7 days a week and we are ready to assist you with scheduling your move.

If your building requires you to cover the elevator or to provide the certificate of insurance. Checked! And free of charge of course. Just let us know in time so we can be prepared for the move. If there are elevators that need to be reserved, we will try to be flexible as much as possible to meet the reservation with our arrival window.

Our rates are all inclusive, so there won’t be any charges if we have to use stairs or long carry. We won’t charge you anything to get to your location or to go back to our warehouse. Once our movers arrive, which is always on time, we will provide you with service of disassembling and assembling your items.

Everything will be wrapped and protected during the move. For your heavy items we will use dollies, so we can safely move them to our truck. You will get as many wardrobe boxes as you need to pack your hangings items. Wardrobe boxes are free to use during the move. We are here to provide you with a stress free, safe and affordable move, so give us a chance.


Sometimes your homes might not close at the same time and you will have to place your items in the storage unit during that time. Centennial Moves can help you with moving your items in and out of a storage unit. Our service is safe and secure.

We can offer your team of professional movers and packers who will disassemble or assemble your items, depending whether you are moving in or out of a storage unit. All of your items will be carefully wrapped up and safely moved to your desirable location. We offer an all inclusive rate for your storage relocation. You won’t be surprised by any hidden or additional fees. We don’t charge anything to get to your location or to go back. No fees for fuel, gas, mileage will be applied. If we have to use stairs or there are long carries – we don’t charge it on top. Even if you have some heavy items, you won’t be charged for that. We would like you to have one enjoyable and stress free service for your upcoming relocation.

There are few tips that will make your booking process even easier when it comes to your storage relocation.

  • Check your storage working hours. Usually storages close by 6 or 7 pm. With our moving company late afternoon arrival is possible, but only if you can get extended working hours or gate code for your storage unit.
  • Buy extra blankets if you plan to leave your items in the storage for a longer period of time.

Feel free to contact us for any additional questions or assistance you might need.

No matter how small your move is, we know it is a big deal for you and that is why it is a big deal for us as well. Whether you have a pod, U-haul or container rented, we are here to help you out. Even if you are organizing a party and need someone to clear the area, or you want to move some items from your garage, or you are staging a house for sale…

We can help you with all of that and much more! When it comes to labor jobs, we will provide you with an all inclusive rate without any hidden or additional fees on top. No fees for handling stairs, heavy items or long carry. Centennial movers won’t charge you anything to get to your labor location, or to go back. As a part of our standard service, your items will be disassembled/assembled back and protected with our wrapping material. That is, of course, included in the price. Why wouldn’t you hire professional movers that will safely and carefully.

Types of labor moves that we do on a daily basis:

  • Loading/Unloading
  • Moving within the same building
  • Staging jobs
  • Clearing up your space for an event
  • Moving the items from your garage
  • Moving the items within your home
  • Moving the things from one floor to another one

Moving itself can be a very stressful event, you don’t have to stress out even more when it comes to packing your belongings. Centennial Movers can offer you a team of experts that will help you with packing in order for your items to be packed properly, no matter how fragile they are. Packing requires skill, it is not just about placing your items into the boxes, you need to protect your personal belongings as well. Centennial Movers don’t charge anything extra for packing assistance, we just prefer to add one more person to your reservation for the efficiency matter. Safety comes first when we are talking about your items.

One way to save money on packing is to pack all of your clothes, towels, linens and anything that is not breakable yourself and leave the fragile items to us. We will take care of your dishes, china and anything that is breakable. We call this partial packing.

Centennial Movers is using premium quality packing material for your precious belongings. Packing boxes are charged separately with us, but we charge you per item used. We will have our truck stacked with moving boxes, but we will charge you just for the ones you used. If you already bought packing boxes, don’t worry, we can use them as well.