Moving To Denver Colorado: 12 Neighborhoods to Explore

Are you thinking about moving to Denver Colorado? This city is called home by highly educated people, with cultural events held constantly every year. It is considered to be an extremely walkable green city, with unique park systems and tons to see, do, and learn. Before you make the definitive decision of moving to Denver Colorado, you will have to pick the best area in Denver to live in. We will present you with the top 12 neighborhoods to help you make this tough choice.

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While it isn’t considered affordable, moving to Denver Colorado’s Washington Park offers many amenities 

The Washington Park neighborhood, or Wash Park as locals would say, is located south of downtown, only 5 miles southeast. It is one of the favorite neighborhoods with tree-lined streets, trimmed lawns, and close proximity to all the city’s action. 

Nature, Food & History

Its biggest attraction is the park where you will find sprawling grass, lakes, flower gardens, walking paths, and hiking trails. You can also enjoy water sports, such as kayaking. Not only you can enjoy nature, in Old South Gaylord Street you can go shopping in one of the boutiques, eat some delicious food in restaurants, and have cocktails in one of the many bars. Throughout the neighborhood, there are art studios, cafes, gift shops, restaurants, etc. Don’t forget to check out charming and historic South Pearl Street. Schools here are rated well. 

Since this is one of the more expensive neighborhoods in Denver, if you want to buy your property, be prepared to spend some extra money.

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Young Professionals & Families Moving To Denver Colorado Gravitate Towards Highland

Highland is a great place for both young professionals and families. It is a very diverse neighborhood with Italian and Hispanic cultures. You will find everything you have been looking for in this neighborhood – art galleries, coffee shops, clubs, bars, and amazing restaurants. 


Highland is a very pedestrian-friendly neighborhood and during the summer months, you can enjoy farmers’ markets and community events. If you want to go to nature, Sloan’s Lake Park is very close by. 

The public schools in the area have a great rating, which makes this city perfect for families with kids.

Littleton Is As Close As You Will Get To Stars Hollow’s Small Town Charm

If you are looking for a small town that is family-friendly and filled with wonderful local shops, restaurants, and great recreational options – Littleton is for you! This little town is located just 12 miles from Denver, which makes it super easy for those who are commuting to Denver for work. 

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Did You Know?

Littleton’s public schools are one of the best in the country and they won Colorado’s highest academic accreditation rating. 

Vibrant Food, Shopping & Outdoors Scene

Although this is a small town, it is vibrant and offers a historic downtown packed with local restaurants and shops. There are a bunch of walking and hiking trails and Chatfield Reservoir is a recreational paradise with swimming, paddle boarding, boating, and a beachfront. And not just that, you will have a nice view of an exceptional rock formation in Roxborough State Park.

Foodies & Shopaholics Moving To Denver Colorado Will Adore Cherry Creek

Famous Denver shopping and dining destination, mainly because of its Shopping Center which attracts over 18 million people a year. It’s not about shopping, you will find art galleries, boutiques, restaurants, and cafes outside of the shopping center. You will live in a suburb with a luxurious vibe. 

Big Homes & Great Schools

You can enjoy your morning coffee in one of the cafes, stop by and have a delicious lunch and at the end of the day have a glass of wine. Don’t miss popular local events like Cherry Creek Arts Festival or Cherry Creek Food and Wine Festival. You will find big and beautiful homes here. Schools around are great, for those who are moving with their kids.

For Young Professionals Who Love A Large List of Daily Activities, Lower Downtown Is Perfect

Lower Downtown Denver will show you how lively and active the city is. There are tons of shops, restaurants, bars, craft breweries, and nightclubs… The options are endless. LoDo, as Lower Downtown is called, is a very walkable and bike-friendly neighborhood. Local art is highly welcomed here. You will never be bored in LoDo because there is so much to do. Historic sites, museums, shops, eateries, and cultural events throughout the year.

Very Safe & Family Friendly, Uptown Is a Popular Neighborhood For Those Moving To Denver Colorado

Uptown is a very safe and funky neighborhood. There is a huge park where you can enjoy all the outdoor activities. On the other hand, this is one of Denver’s oldest neighborhoods, filled out with Queen Ann and Victorian houses, but this doesn’t mean you won’t find skyscrapers and new condos. If you want to live in this urban and artistic neighborhood, this is a great place for you. Once you are here, check 17th Avenue and enjoy one of the restaurants, bars, coffee shops, and boutiques. If you need greenery, check City Park which has a Zoo and Museum of Nature and Science there. Uptown is a great place for families because it is very safe and family-friendly.

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Not Only Is It Our Home, But Centennial Is One of The Most Diverse & Peaceful Neighborhoods In Denver Colorado

Centennial is a very large neighborhood with a suburban feeling. This is a safe, clean, and pretty quiet neighborhood ideal for families. Schools in Centennial are highly rated. This is a wonderful community where everyone supports each other, so you will be warmly welcomed. You will have plenty of shopping options. The neighborhood is filled with local businesses and great restaurants. 

The Food & Views

Since the neighborhood is diverse, that means you will find amazing food options as well. Once you move to Centennial you will enjoy the mountain view every day. Residents of Centennial spend most of their time walking, jogging, relishing the beautiful Piney Creek trails, and encountering the peaceful presence of the city South of Denver.

Close to Downtown, Yet Far Enough From The Bustle, Englewood Is One Of The Top Neighborhood Choices When Moving To Denver Colorado

Englewood is another neighborhood that is close to downtown Denver, which is great for those who enjoy going out or spending time shopping. Commuting to Denver is super easy from here. The School system here is great and you will have teachers that are dedicated to students.

Lots of restaurants, local stores and shops are around the town. Mountains are close by, so you can go hiking whenever. Not just that, the views and surroundings are amazing. You will find plenty of sites for recreation, walking or jogging. This is another dog-friendly neighborhood in Denver. Overall, Englewood is a very safe and enjoyable community to live in.

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Small Yet Extremely Popular, South Park Hill Takes The Highest Ranking In Denver

South Park Hill is one of the smaller neighborhoods in Denver and it is listed as the number 1 neighborhood to live in Denver. Most of your neighbors here own their homes and they are happy to greet anyone who decides to move here. It is mainly a family neighborhood with lots of places to walk your dog. There are a lot of bars, restaurants, and coffee shops in the area. If you are a foodie, this neighborhood will be like heaven to you. On the other hand, it is very close to other Denver neighborhoods. It is close to the Denver Zoo and museums. You will enjoy this safe and friendly neighborhood for sure.

Become A Part of Stapleton’s Extremely Modern Community

Stapleton is located just 6 miles from the downtown area and it is the biggest urban redevelopment project in the US. This neighborhood has over 30000 residents living here, but it is more of a community than a neighborhood. It is a very young place to live in, the oldest houses are only about 7 years old. If you are looking for a hot property, you will find it here. You won’t find just building complexes here, there are parks as well. Every few blocks there are playgrounds and sports fields. Although it is very young, this neighborhood has schools that are one of the best schools in the city. It is a very family-friendly neighborhood that will welcome you warmly.

If Modern Is Not Your Cup of Tea, Capitol Hill Offers A Historic Feel

Capitol Hill is one old neighborhood with a bohemian vibe. It is listed as one of the best neighborhoods to live in in Colorado. Living in Capitol Hill offers residents a dense urban feel. You will find a lot of bars, great restaurants, and coffee shops here. There are late-night coffee houses to enjoy the lively atmosphere. You can relax in one of the parks or go there for your morning run.

Since it is an old neighborhood, you will find a lot of historic areas to enjoy, such as the Molly Brown House Museum. There is also a Victorian home decorated with art and furnishing. Capitol Hill is great for families because there are great public schools in the area. This charming town is also great for young, active professionals, those who call themselves creatives and foodies. It is a very dog-friendly neighborhood as well.

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Young Families That Are Outdoor Enthusiasts Will Proudly Call Congress Park Home

Congress Park is a neighborhood with public schools above the average that is perfect for young families. This neighborhood is walkable, so you can easily get to one of the restaurants or shops. Your neighbors are very friendly and willing to help. You will find numerous parks in the area. Most of the residents here have dogs and they have a very active lifestyle. Congress Park is a very safe and beautiful neighborhood where you and your family can settle down. Mountains are just one short drive away from you and you can enjoy winter sports, such as skiing or snowboarding.

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