Moving on a budget – Tips to save money

Moving comes with many expenses – you have to do some repairs in your old home, prepare your new home for moving in, get some packing supplies, and eventually hire local movers. All of this might seem like a big expense, and no matter how well you have planned your moving budget, it might seem to you that you spent a lot of money, and don’t even know where. But don’t worry, there is a way to have the best local movers and still save some money while moving. The key to that is good organization! And we are going to help you achieve it.

Put everything on paperng

writing on a paper

You will need some time to think of all the expenses, so give yourself more time before calling local movers. Firstly, think of the amount of money that you are willing to spend, and create some range from and to. Always think of the other expenses first, except the local movers, because some expenses cannot be lowered. Think of all the money you will have to invest in your new home and your current home too. You don’t want to lose your deposit because you haven’t painted your home before leaving. 

Also, some repairs that you need to do in your new home cannot be avoided, so make sure you find a place for them in your budget. No matter if you need your local movers to help you with packing or not, you will have to leave some room for packing boxes. After you calculate all of that (and more if needed) you should see how much money you have to spend on local movers.

Decide if you would like to move on your own or hire local movers

local movers

Many people think that moving by themselves is way cheaper than moving with furniture movers. However, numerous Denver movers are offering affordable and budget-friendly rates nowadays. Of course, finding local movers that can fit your budget might take some time because you will have to do more detailed research and find affordable professional movers for your budget. If you think that moving on your own is as simple as renting a moving truck, we will have to disappoint you by saying there is much more than that. Moving on your own comes with different challenges and different expenses than when you hire professional movers. Firstly, you will have to rent a moving truck, a van, or a U-haul. Other than that, you won’t be able to perform the move on your own, so you will either have to call some friends to help you or to rent some help, which again, comes with expenses. Also, local movers bring their moving equipment, so you won’t have to worry about the tools, wrapping materials, wardrobe boxes, moving dollies, or anything of that sort. Once you have all the expenses written down, it will be easier for you to make the decision.

Get more quotes from local movers

If you decide to hire professional movers, you should call a couple of places to get different quotes and to learn more about the services different local movers have to offer. Depending on your moving needs, you might have to spend more or less on local movers. Usually, most of the furniture movers are charging hourly rates, so the price depends on the time they have to spend helping you. Also, the number of local movers depends on various factors, such as the size of your move and the complexity. That is why you shouldn’t try to reduce that number if your company recommends something. Since you are paying hourly, the more local movers you have – the less the move will take, so you can save some money. However, the general rule is to get quotes from at least 5 local movers before you make the decision.

Book local movers in advance

moving company

After you get a few moving quotes, you won’t have that much time to think about hiring local movers because they get booked up pretty fast. If you are aiming for family-owned local movers (which they usually are) they only have a few spots available, therefore those get booked up pretty fast. Because of the low capacity, local movers might increase the price as their availability gets lower. That is why you shouldn’t wait any time before you hire them. Not only you might end up without local movers, but they might have a higher price. Which won’t be good for your moving budget.

Be flexible with the moving date

You have probably heard so far, but some professional movers might offer cheaper rates on the dates that are not booked at all, or for dates that are close by. Some local movers might even offer cheaper rates for weekdays vs weekends. All of this should be a reason for you to be flexible with the moving date, so you can catch the cheapest option they are offering. Of course, you should have a range of dates that are suitable for you, and you can ask your customer support agent what is the cheapest option they have for those dates.

moving date

If possible, move out of the moving season

We all know that we can catch the best prices for local movers when we are not moving in the moving season. If you are wondering when is the moving season, it starts around the end of March, mid-April and it lasts usually until the end of October. However, when it comes to moving locally, it might be difficult to plan to move out of the season since many different things can lead to moving. Bear this in mind if you are planning a move far in advance.

Ask your local movers everything that you would like to know

Don’t forget to ask your professional movers everything that you would like to know, no matter how many times you need to ask them the same things. Your local movers are there to assist you and to answer any question that you would like to ask. You should always ask if there are some hidden charges or fees that might surprise you during the move.

Hire licensed local movers

You should always hire licensed professional movers because in that case, you will have basic coverage insurance in price. Once you find local movers that are licensed because you won’t have to purchase any additional moving insurance. Needless to say, if something gets damaged, you will be covered and your local movers will offer you some sort of compensation.


You should declutter not only to save some money but also to refresh your space. New space should have new energy, without a bunch of items that you brought there to store. On the other hand, when you have fewer items, your local movers will need less time to perform your move. And when your professional movers are charging hourly rates, you will save money by having fewer items.

Get some free moving supplies

When it comes to packing, you will have to get enough packing supplies. For fragile items, you should get high-quality boxes. But for the rest of the belongings, you can use some supplies that you already have at home, such as suitcases, bags, storage bins, or anything of that sort. You can get some cheap packing supplies online. But, there is a way to get free packing supplies. You can go to one of the liquor stores or some stores around you, and ask them to share some boxes with you. Since you will need packing paper, you should start collecting newspapers a few months before the move, this way you won’t have to spend money on this. Or you can use kitchen towels or some clothes to cushion the items inside the boxes.

Pack on your own

Local movers are offering both, packing and moving services, and you should choose the one that suits your budget better. Usually, when people are looking for local movers on budget, they decide to pack on their own. When you are using local movers to help you with packing there will be either a one-time flat fee for that service or your professional movers will need more time to perform the move if they are charging hourly rates. Packing is not a part of the standard service that furniture movers are offering, and it is expected to be more expensive if you want them to help you. So, if you need to save some money, you should invest more energy and time into packing. We know no one likes packing, but it is something that needs to be done.

Read the confirmation email to avoid any unpleasant expenses

confirmation email

Once you book your local movers, they will send you a confirmation email. This is the document that contains all the details related to your upcoming relocation and your local movers. A confirmation email is equally valid as an agreement, so if you see something incorrect or unclear, you should call back your local movers and ask them what is happening. It is better to spot any mistake early because you will still have time to change whatever needs to be changed. Things you should double-check: if the date in the confirmation email is accurate, if the price is the same as your local movers told you over the phone, and if your personal information is correct.

Don’t overbuy for your new home

We know people get excited when moving to a new home, and you would like to settle down and get everything that you would like to have in your new place. Also, when you go shopping for your new place, you will see many things that will be hard to resist. That is why you should set the budget for new items, and try to stay within. There are more important things to spend money on, so be patient, you will be able to get everything that you want, as soon as the moving process is over.

Don’t lose the deposit

money for deposit

Local movers will always need you to provide the deposit to secure your spot with them. There are some rules when you will lose the deposit. All of these rules should be stated in the confirmation email, but also your professional movers should explain this to you before you leave this deposit. Many local movers have the policy not to refund your deposit if you cancel your move, no matter how early in advance. That is why you should plan your move properly. However, local movers are aware that things in life can get complicated and that something unexpected can happen, so you can always reschedule your relocation. Usually, there is a deadline to let your local movers know that you would like to change the date. In many cases, you should let your professional movers know that you would like to change the date at least two days before your moving date. There might also be some other occasions when you can lose the deposit, so make sure you are aware of all of that.

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