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Sometimes your homes might not close at the same time and you will have to place your items in the storage unit during that time. Centennial Moves can help you with moving your items in and out of a storage unit. Our service is safe and secure.

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Centennial Movers are here to make sure your storage move is performed safely and efficiently. No matter if you are moving in or out, we will perform a top notch service for you. We can offer your team of professional movers and packers who will disassemble or assemble your items, depending whether you are moving in or out of a storage unit. All of your items will be carefully wrapped up and safely moved to your desirable location. We offer an all inclusive rate for your storage relocation. You won’t be surprised by any hidden or additional fees. We don’t charge anything to get to your location or to go back. No fees for fuel, gas, mileage will be applied. If we have to use stairs or there are long carries – we don’t charge it on top. Even if you have some heavy items, you won’t be charged for that. We would like you to have one enjoyable and stress free service for your upcoming relocation.

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If you need to leave your items in the storage for a longer period of time, our advice is to get extra blankets just in case.

Our team of professional and trained movers will make sure every step of your storage move is done with expertise. Rates we will provide you with are all inclusive, guaranteed and budget friendly. We don’t want you to have unpleasant surprises during your local move with us. Centennial Movers are reliable movers in Denver. Our customer support is guaranteed 7 days a week and that is what makes us one of the best movers in Centennial.

Before you hire our Denver storage movers

Check your storage working hours. Usually storages close by 6 or 7 pm. With our moving company late afternoon arrival is possible, but only if you can get extended working hours or gate code for your storage unit. Buy extra blankets if you plan to leave your items in the storage for a longer period of time. Feel free to contact us for any additional questions or assistance you might need.

We care for our clients. Reach out to us and get your free moving quote and piece of advice for your storage move.